Live Photo of Girl by Claudia Rojas

Photo by Sonia Chintha

Live Photo of Girl   by Claudia Rojas                            


Brown eyes / sketched in dreams
that feed upon the bluest sky

hair / unruly in its stretch
to reach the greenest valleys

there is so much time / when you’re girl
and the stars are under your care

when you know yourself in terms
of what clouds you will touch

the future / moves / like a summer
cloud and the slow / motion puzzles

tomorrow is everything that anyone
who will ever be needs to know.


I        want        you         forever

in the school hallway
singing Just prayed to a God
that I don’t believe in

I        want      the   radio     always

on in the art studio at 6pm
because the ocean
in your painting isn’t done

because     you’re      still      girl


And do you want to know about
the coming of fall and how it will dry

the yellow out of summer?
The breathing is easier

when there is so much time, when
the world is yours, when you can

run towards the endless blue,
so little one, open your arms

to the slow passing of time
/ the clouds want / to know

tomorrow / take this moment’s
hands / as they show you




Claudia Rojas was born in El Salvador and raised in the Northern Virginia area. Claudia has been a TPS (Temporary Protected Status) immigrant since 2001. She holds a BA in English from George Mason University. Find her poetry in The Acentos Review, Poetry is Dead, and forthcoming in other venues. Find her on Instagram as @Claudiapoet.

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