Sonia Chintha is an Indian American writer who lives in the Washington DC area.  She blogs, writes poetry, and fiction.  Her essay Mango Season was published the online literary magazine Chicago Literati.  You can read her writing on her personal blog:  Color My Palate.   She is also an English teacher who believes our experiences teach us more than any test.



Copy Editors:

IMG_0036Megan Detweiler is an English teacher in Virginia. She loves being outside and spends her summers up north in Minnesota with her husband, three kids, and extended family.





IMG_0631Michelle Wilson-Alexander is a high school English teacher and librarian currently living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  She is the mom of an exceptionally rambunctious and sweet 4-year-old boy and an equally feisty 15-year-old cat.  She loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading and writing, taking Barre classes, and feasting on chocolate, cheese and red wine.


FullSizeRenderAndrea Nevin is a Nevada ranch girl who feels at home in the country but can appreciate a city, which is handy since she and her Navy husband move every couple of years. All this moving made her professionally adaptable as she took her journalism degree to the classroom molding middle schoolers into stronger readers, writers and thinkers. Although she’s traded in middle schoolers for her own three boys for a couple of years, she still enjoys reading and writing in her free time.



Parivash Goff in Barcelona!


Parivash Goff is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. When not working with students to decipher algebraic expressions, she spends her free time reading, writing, and enjoying the rare PNW sun.  You can read her writing on her personal blog:  Two Halves of One



Past Guest Copy Editors:

G. FulcherGwynn V. Fulcher is a writer, performer, live essayist (and yes, an accountant) living in Chicago. She’s a Staff Writer for WBEZ’s PleasureTown, a four-time WRITE CLUB CHICAGO competition champion and has been published online by Chicago Literati and Video Game Heart. Check out her writing on her personal website: gwynnoutloud.com